Design Considerations for Be Se To

Exceptionally chosen design elements, even if put together in the simplest manner, can enhance the production value greatly. As a director of design, I am responsible for developing the overall look of the stage and its ambiance. I am supposed to establish an overall aesthetic concept of the stage before anything else can proceed.

One of the things I was in charge of was making a ground plan as per your requirements regarding various aspects of designing such as choosing the best framing company, costumes, and musical equipment; it is necessary to do everything in the set budget without compromising the quality. I wanted to share what I did so you can have a well rounded up a guide here with a few buying considerations before any festival. My guide should help you choose the best framing company, outstanding costumes and unsurpassable musical equipment without much ado.

Picking the best framing company:

custom framesUnlike before, today’s theatre-makers are playing with space extensively. Even the conventional theaters are being transformed to suit the specific needs of particular productions. So, to achieve the most startling reconfiguration of the stage, you need to pick the best possible framing company for your show that can meet your expectations unmistakably. For an intriguing and explicit liveliness on the stage, it is necessary for the director of design to create an entirely different world in a single space.

Because a framing company is responsible for painting backdrops, refinishing furniture and texturing, compare as many companies available in your neighborhood as possible. A quality custom framing company like Prints Etc. in San Francisco is a good example. Also when you work with one of these companies, always bear the size of your theater and other production needs in mind. Supervising, coordinating and balancing the technical requirements of the show are your biggest responsibility. So, always choose the best elements for ensuring the unbound success of your show.

Picking the best costumes:

costumesFrom an actor’s wig to jewelry and footwear to undergarments, as a director of the designer you are responsible for everything. The elements you pick regarding costumes can either make or break an actor’s overall impression. You need to create outfits that are functional, affordable and most importantly imaginative. While choosing a costume for a particular actor, you should be very careful about player’s safety and comfort in that dress. The specific activities of agents should always be taken into account when picking a comfortable costume for them.

You can always create color sketches of desired costumes so that you can quickly figure out the final look of every actor. Using your strong visual sense, love for fabric and different colors and a creative approach towards what looks good on an individual; you can mix and match various items to buy the most amazing costumes for your characters. However, make sure to try the cheapest market in your vicinity for affordability.

Picking the best musical equipment:

musical equipmentIf a musical is being produced, it needs to be outstanding. You must take care of all musical aspects of the production to make your show a huge hit. Apart from rehearsing the musicians and teaching the cast the act, it is also equally important to ensure only the highest quality musical equipment are included in your paraphernalia. Each and every musical gear you buy for producing your music must be purchased from a reputable musical outlet.

It is of utmost importance to have a remarkable technical set-up if you want to do justice with your show. If your sound team is inexperienced or you have an incompetent range of musical equipment, you can end up facing complicated musical cues, and your company can thus get drowned in details. You may need to perform a careful research of your neighborhood to know where you can get the best possible musical equipment at the most competitive price. But before this, understanding your needs regarding music required in your show and talents of your musicians is the most crucial.

Keep a vigilant eye on the production budget so that you can organize and provide for the technical needs of the show in an exceptional manner. From the required materials for the set to lights, sound, and special effects, it is the duty of the director of design to get things done in the most convenient and outstanding way possible.

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BeSeTo Theater Festival

Be Se ToThe BeSeTo Festival as you may notice that it has ever other letter capitalized for the reason it represents Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo. A festival initially launched in 1994 and has then been something to look forward to. The upcoming BeSeTo Theatre Festival the 21st of its series since the 90s will take place in Xiamen.

My experience at the BeSeTo Theater Festival which was held in Tottori and Niigata, Japan in September of last year. It was my first trip outside the US, and it was something to look forward to. Known that Japan is famous for their cherry blossoms and their rich culture, I was more than excited to witness both the BeSeTo Theater Festival and the sights and food in Japan.

The Tottori Prefecture Citizen’s Culture Hall was astounding. The draping’s and the interior was almost as magical as the experience. There were seven works highlighted in Tottori and one of which was the collaborative works of Japanese, Chinese and Korean youth theater makers called Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! If you loved the different world wide version of Shakespeare’s’ Macbeth then this one theatrical presentation of their adaptation that will blow your mind. The hall resounded with other works such as the Classroom of Poem which was an international collaborative work of Tori no Gekidan and the Korean theater company which was set during the World War II. And as if my eyes were still not overwhelmed by the first two shows, I got to experience the ballet show which was classical ballet work entitled La Bayadere – Nation of Illusion. The musical aesthetics that surrounded the hall was breath-taking, and as a lover of classical ballet, their rendition of La Bayadere was phenomenal beyond compare. Other shows that run during the BeSeTo Theater Festival in Niigata was the Shaoju Art Research Institute of Zhejiang which presented their extraordinary rendition of Monkey King Thrice Beats the Bony Ghost. It was an incredible performance as well, and I know have a benchmark of what to expect with my experience at the BeSeTo Theater Festival this spring.

The other venues where work of arts come to life on stage are the Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Mirai Chushin, Bird Theater in Kanomachi and the Yonago Culture Hall. Being around these related architectural sites alone is a jaw-dropping experience and one you don’t get a chance to visit and witness every day.

Another of my knowledge at the BeSeTo Theater Festival was the one I had in Niigata which had the theaters run from the first week of October all the way to the 15th. The venue I visited was the one at Niigata-City Performing Arts Center—Ryutopia. It seems that the goers for the said festival doubled last year due to paying homage to the death of one of the people who established the BeSeTo Festival, Mr. Kim Eui-Kyung who was also the founder of Assitej Korea. His presence in the whole meaning of the festival took an impact to the theater enthusiasts and fans alike. Being one of the people behind the now well established and followed BeSoTo Theater Festival, he was surely mentioned each time during the festival press cons. I also have good memories of Tadashi Suzuki, another founding member of the Festival.

The series of shows that will get your eyes overwhelmed and your theatrical bubble ablaze is extraordinary. The different cultures and interpretation of different work of arts for you to feast upon and enjoy is an experience all worth the trip. The fact that it was all done in a foreign land and experiencing the whole leg of the festival accompanied by the richness of the culture, the food, and the people makes it, even more, a well sought after the trip. With this in mind, I have high hopes in looking forward to this year’s BeSeTo Theater Festival. There might be additional shows and even other added perks of the festivities. I don’t, of course, expect the usual as in these festivities you are bound to get a load full of surprises regarding presentations, schedules and even loot bags at the end of the festival.

Xiamen is now hosting this year BeSeTo Theater Festival, and I am looking forward to taking that spring break trip to witness yet another eye-gastronomical experience that will again, I’m sure of which, will leave me breathless and enthralled by the whole experience. Plus I’ve never been to China, and this is my chance to visit the Great Wall of China alongside my fascination for the BeSeTo Theater Festival that will be my priority for the whole trip.…